Se confirma oficialmente el perfil de atributos de los nuevos Poseídos

Un nuevo anuncio oficial de reglas sobre el próximo Codex: Marines Espaciales del Caos sirve para seguir confirmando todas las reglas filtradas desde hace meses.

Es el turno de los Poseídos, que tras los Legionarios continúan la estela de confirmar oficialmente las reglas filtradas de los Marines Espaciales del Caos.

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40k Possessed Jun3 Boxout1

40k Possessed Jun3 Boxout2

Se pueden utilizar en unidades de hasta 10 miniaturas, incluyendo un Campeón Poseído que tuene un ataque adicional. Además, todos ellos tienen salvación invulnerable de 5+ por su condición semidemoníaca.

40k Possessed Jun3 Image2

También tienen la regla de tienen muchos otros Marines del Caos, Let the Galaxy Burn, que oficialmente todavía no se ha desvelado.

Para quienes no sigan las transmisiones en directo de nuestro canal de Twitch de cada jueves a las 19:30, en las que hemos desgranado con detalle las reglas de los Marines del Caos que llevan varios meses filtradas, os las dejamos también resumidas por aquí:

CSM doctrine:

Similar to SM Doctrine, except exploding 6s (unmodified hits) instead of +1AP. Still 3 levels that affect different weapons (the weapons listed below are not confirmed by my sources, but the ones in the legion traits are confirmed by my sources as well as the names, so what I am about to list may be subject to change)
Destruction »Doctrine»; turn 1: Heavy/grenade/Rapid fire
Massacre »Doctrine»; turn 2-3: Rapid fire/assault/pistol
Slaughter »Doctrine»; turn 4-end: pistol/melee/assault

Marks cost points and give inherent bonuses:
Khorne: +1S on the charge
Tzeentch ignore damage on first failed save once per turn per unit
Slaanesh fight first in the fight phase
Nurgle -1 to wound if Strength = Toughness and if Strength divided by 2 (rounded up) is greater or equal to the Toughness of the unit

vengeance +1 CA
wrath +1ap melee
flame +1ap shooting
excess +1 to hit melee
despair 6s to hit = autowound

Not all units that can be marked can carry an icon
Here is a list of markable units who can have icons:

Here is a list of markable units that cannot get icons:

God specific spells:
Slanesh: 5+ fnp
Tzeentch: 4++
Nurgle: -1 to hit

Warptime nerfed: can’t charge after it.

Chosen can choose and additional trait, it has now been confirmed that this trait is one of the traits from the build a warband ruleset.
-as like every other codex, pick 2 to build you own warband unless the trait is all encompassing then you only get the one
-undivided trait is all encompassing
-the rule is simply pick a trait from the custom legion traits, if the unit is markless it can pick any custom trait except the marked ones, if the unit is marked it can pick its mark specific one or any of the markless ones
-chosen cannot use an all encompassing trait as their extra trait

Chosen/Custom traits:
•+4″ to range other than grenade and relic
•After killing a unit, the unit is then considered to be in destruction, massacre and slaughter for the rest of the game
-After charging, in melee 6s to hit autowound (khorne specific)
-in melee or shooting, reroll 1 wound or 1 damage (tzeentch specific)
+1 to wound vs half strength unit (Nurgle specific)
+1ap on a 6 to wound unmodified (Slaanesh specific)
+1 to advance and charge rolls
+1 to hit when targeting closest enemy unit
+1 movement & strength

If you take this one you can’t take a second custom trait, also Chosen can’t take this one:
Ignore CA
Fallback and shoot & fallback and charge, but with -1 to hit for the rest of the turn (unmarked specific, so no marks allowed)

No HQ upgrades like Sace Marines.

Csm troops can now purchase a book that makes the unit a psychic unit. Also they can have a 2 handed chainaxe option

Unmarked units gain some support from stratagems & renegade traits

All legions are getting 6 WT, 8 relics & 8 stratagems (Legion trait to apply to EVERYTHING in the army);(seems to be a lot from F&F but with some tweaks)
Each chaos god is getting a couple stratagems, 1 relic & 1 daemon weapon each

Legion traits:

-2LD & -1CA @ 9» (Apparently doesn’t stack with itself, but does with other LD reducing abilities)
+1 to advance & +1 to charges
Wanton Slaughter: When using a pistol/assault/melee vs below half strenght unit or LD 6 and below = +1 to wound (Super doctrine)
-claws of the black hunt are back but jave been renamed, S+1 ap3 D2, does not gain reroll wounds instead gains ennemies canoot use rules that ignore wounds
-vox daemonicus is 12″ no deepstrike & ennemies must pass a leadership test or cannot perform actions or psychic actions
– flayer is still there and seem to be exactly the same

-+1 CA to ennemies & always consolidate 3″ in any direction, even if touching base to base
– the horrible warlord trait of once per battle you can reroll 1 dice for hit, wounds, advance, charge and saves has been changed. It is now once per turn you can auto 6 a dice for hit, wound, advance or saves
-+D3 attacks & warlord is considered always in the slaughter phase… this is evil on a disco lord
-+1 to armor and invul saves in terrain is GONE
-fall back and charge + -1 to hit is GONE

Jump pack: moving over or charging units causes d3 MW on a 2+
-stormbolt plate, infantry only, 2+ save and untargetable beyond 12″
-vox daemonocus is infantry only

Ignores cover
Reduce ap1/2 by 1
Wanton Destruction: Heavy/grenade vs vehicules/buildings/units in cover = +1 to wound (Super doctrine)


Charges/HI = reroll hits
5+++ vs MW
Wanton Slaughter: When using a pistol/assault/melee = 6s to wound cause 1MW (capped @ 3MW per unit) (Super doctrine)


ignore CA
+1 to hit when charge or shoot closest unit
Wanton Massacre: rapid fire/assault/pistol = exploding 5s (hit) (Super doctrine)

Not in the codex

Alpha legion:
•-1 to hit 12″ away, if wounds are 10+ then it’s 18″
•Can charge and perform actions if they fell back
•Wanton massacre (super doctrine):Rapid fire, assault, pistol if within half range +1 ap

-sniper warlord trait
-redeploy for up to 3.units
-a cultist buff
-i am alpharius is still there

Emperor’s children:
•Ignore any/all modifiers to ws / bs
•Any attack on a 6 to wound +1ap
•wanton slaughter (super doctrine): Melee hits on a 6 gives additional hit, combine this with the slaughter bonus and you’d get 2 additional hits on 6

Red corsairs:
•Charge if they advanced
•Models count as 2 for obsec
Models with 10+ wounds count as 5
•wanton destruction (super doctrine): Heav, rapid, grenade get +1ap

Creations of bile:
•+1 str/move
•Fight after death in melee
•wanton slaughter (super doctrine): Melee hits on 6 auto wound

Generic Relics:

-one turn for battle ennemy strats cost +1cp on a 4+ (still there)
– power sword with dd3 and causes -1 to hit (GONE)
-bolt weapons wounds on +2(except vehicules and titanic), ignores cover (still there)
-the combi bolter relic must be gone since no way foe HQ to get combis (GONE, no surprises there)
-+2 armor, and transhuman
– armor with 3d6 movemebt that can «ghostwalk» through units (still there)
– No more Murdersword


something to ignore invuls (4chan leak, so take with a grain of salt, leak said EC chosen could destory custodes hitting with TH on a 2+ and with strat ignore invul saves)

Generic stratagems
-for bolt rounds +6″ & +1ap for the unit

BL stratagems:
-1 unit can be considered destruction/massacre/slaughter at the same time, core units only

WB stratagems:
-no more strat for possessed +1d
-the auto pass psyker spell is still there
-the auto save strat has been changed to take 0 damage instead
-they have 2 strats that affect daemonkin or possessed

EC stratagems:
-honour the prince is still there
-the sonic weapons strat does mortal wounds now, no longer +1s +1d

Alpha Legion strats:
-the sabotage strat is now auto explode
-fall back and shoot
-12″ deepstrike denial
-shoot a unit that deepstrikes nearby
-forward operatives, pregame move
-conceal is replaced with untargetable beyond 12″

Night Lords:
-units in deepstrike or strategic reserves count themselves as 1 turn earlier. 1cp fo infantry & bikers; 2cp for daemonkin
NL vox scream disables AURAS
-no fall back strat (seems unchanged)
-fall back and charge(seems unchanged)
–1 to hit if fired upon (seems unchanged)
– rerolls to hit if Ld is higher then enemies (used to be +1 to hit)
-there are no more stratagems that influences moral
-lost the stratagem that gives +2 to the charge and +1 to hit in melee from terrain
-if you slay the ennemy warlord, +1 CA to ennemies for the rest of the game

Iron Warriors:

5+++ vs MW
– -1 damage for core infantry & daemonkin.
-reduce incoming ap strat is gone
-cultist bodyguards are still there

General strats:
-1 to hit bickers if they advanced this turn
Transhuman physiology only for Nurgle units
Daemonforge now +1 BS/WS
+1 to hit for Terminators and Chosen.
Fire Frenzy: Shooting Phase – if a HELLBRUTE has been hit, it can fire at the unit that hit it or the closest enemy unit. (I assume that this is in the opponent’s Shooting Phase

-basic prayer still reroll all hits in melee
-+1 to wound in melee
– -1to hit (REPLACED) Now it is 1-3 hits always fail, no rerolls allowed
– 6″ aura when doing leadership test roll 2d6 discard the highest & fail action & fight last
-+1 to hit (gone)
-5++ buble is gone you said (gone)
-priest het +2a(was +3) and ap2 (was ap4) on weapon

And for god specifics
-+d3 wounds (gone)
-advance and charge (still there)
-S+2 (gone)
-T+2 (gone)

Standard spells:
-warptime still there but no charge
-+1 to hit
-no invul on 1 ennemy unit
– 1 model get s+2 & +1a
3d6 each 4+ = 1mw
-if d6 is bigger then T, then d3 MW and units within 6″ take 1mw on a 4+

Datasheet info:

CSM legionaries
legionaries is the new name for the csm troop unit choice
same profile as before but 2W and 3a (4a on the AC) (not confirmed but my guess is 10 man squad like plague marines and rubrics)
AC gets a daemon blade (S user ap2 d2; 6s to wound= 1MW); plasma pistol; can choose 1 weapon fron the melee weapons list
Any of all legionaires can replace bolter for chainswords
1 legionaire can take a special weapon
1 legionaire can take a heavy weapon
1 legionaire can take balefire tome (cast 1/deny 1)
1 legionaire can take a heavy chainaxe (S+4 ap4 d2; -1 to hit)
1 legionaire can take a chaos icon
– Have access to the only fight/shoot twice strat in the book.


Drachnyen has pierce and sweep profile.
8A/S10/AP-4/Dam D3/6+ to wound causes D3 MW
16A/S7/AP-4/Dam 1
Always fights first
-1 to wound
First failed save reduced to 0 damage
+1S on the charge
Can only take max 3 damage per phase
Full rerolls
Charge bonus
Supposedly very pricy (would be around 300 ish points)


Gains 3 additional attacks and +1 damage if fighting a unit with a 3+ WS


Can make a raptor unit reroll hit and wound


In the codex; can only be hit on a 4+

can use TH

In the new book, their base loadout is boltgun & accursed weapon (S+1 ap3 d1; +1a)
-For every 5 models, can replace 2 boltguns with 2 pistols
-For every 5 models, can replace 2 boltguns with 2 combis
-For every 5 models, can replace 1 boltgun for a second accursed weapon.

Chosen have been confirmed to me to be ws/bs 3 and 3a base

Accursed Weapons are for Chosen and Terminators only. Additionally: power fists and chainfists are NOT Accursed Weapons, and retain their individual rules.

Chaos Terminators:

Basic loadout: Combi-Bolters + Accursed Weapons

For every 5 models:
-1 may exchange their Combi-Bolter for a Reaper Autocannon or heavy flamer
-1 may exchange their Combi-Bolter for an additional Accursed Weapon
-3 may exchange their Accursed Weapon for a power fist
-1 may exchange their Accursed Weapon for a chainfist
-2 may exchange their Combi-Bolters for a combi-flamer
-2 may exchange their Combi-Bolters for a combi-melta
-1 may exchange their Combi-Bolter for a combi-plasma

no longer in the book

Warp talon:

lost cancel overwatch
gained no fallback
5a (these are total with claws)
Deamonkin (no more Daemon keyword ? Now distinct from Deamon engines)


(unit of 5-10)
Chainsword and pistol
Up to 2 special weapons
Up to 2 plasma pistols
Can take plasma pistol
Power sword or fist

still have the -1LD aura


(unit of 3-9)
Replace pistol for chainsword
Up to 2 special weapons
Up to 2 replace combi weapons with combi plas/melt/flam
Plasma pistol
1 weapon from Melee weapon


M5, T5, WS/BS 3, 4A, 5W, Ld9, 2+, 5++
can shoot units that are in engagement range with them (like wraithguard)
in melee they have powerfists without the -1 to hit
3 different shooting profiles
Deamonkin (no more Daemon keyword ? Now distinct from Deamon engines)
•have essentially big guns never tire(shoot into engagement range with -1 to hit)
•ignore modifier for heavy weapons
•armed with powerfists without -1 to hit
•Has 3 shooting profiles
Heavy 9+d6 s5 ap1 d1
Heavy 3+d3 s7 ap2 d2
Heavy d3 s9 ap3 d4


exactly the same as right now but 2w

Cult units: (berzerkers/rubrics/plague marines, only noise marines are stille in the codex because EC wont be getting their own book very soon)

Are no longuer in the codex
Act like harlequins in CWE army, or like Scions in Guard (including them is like including fabius bile, it doesnt cancel you legion trait)
Always Elites
can benefit from army rules
Cannot gain a legion trait

Noise marines:

All their weapons are improved, +1A/W/LD.


No in the codex

•is now FA
•is a bit faster
•now gives +1 to psychic tests
•claws and mechatentrites are now just 1 weapon
M12″, BS3, WS2, S7, T7, 6A, 9W, 3+, 5++
Guns: ASSAULT 3, S6, AP-2, D2
Melee: S[USER], AP-3, D2

Exalted champion:

Same loadout as the model (power axe, combi melta & pistol)
Is elite and is now a lieutenant (rerolls 1 to wound @6″)
Cannot change loadout
Hits better, more wounds, more attacks


Can heal vehicles
+1 to hit for daemon engines/vehicles for shooting


-Is now 9w
-Techno virus injector: in engagement range all weapons get +1 damage vs VEHICLES
-impaler chainglaive: Suser ap3 d2; on the charge +1 to wound
-the melta mouth weapon is a melta pistol
-6a base
-claws and tail are 4 additional attacks @ S6 ap2 d2
-mechadentritees: 4x s4 ap0 d1
-ability to wound vehicles: you can corrupt a vehicles in the command phase: roll a d6 for every wound that a vehicles has (on it’s datasheet) on a 6s=1MW (maximum of 6, once per turn)
-if you kill an enemy vehicles in melee you can corrupt 2 different vehicles instead of just 1. The double corruption ability is gained for the rest of the game.
+1 to hit daemon engines/vehicles in melee
Instead of healing vehicles can hurt enemy vehicles
Limited to 1 and cant get multiple boosts (i don’t understand what this means yet)

Cultists of all kind do not get legion traits

New cultist unit HQ:
-its a squad, with a banner, a priest and a psyker, + some extra bullet catchers
-The banner:rerolls 1s to hit for cultists & +2Ld to cultists
-psyker: cast 1 deny 1
-priest: knows the basic prayer and another, always lands prayer on a 3+
-squad of 5 models

Accursed Cultists (New mutant culstists):
Cultist mutants have 2 different profiles depending on the type of mutant you take
– 3-6 big models per unit
– 5-10 small models per unit
Small mutant s4 t4 ap1
Big mutant s5 t4 ap2
– All 1w each

Vanilla Cultists:

– Still here
-10-20 models

Chaos Lord:

Basic loadout is the blackstone fortress loadout (hammer, plasma pistol) but he has access to all melee weapons.

Chaos sorcerer in terminator armour:

Chaos terminator sorcerer now has a familiar

Greater possessed:
Not in the codex (my guess is the models are the new regular possessed models)

M9, S5, T5, 5A, 3W, 3+, 5++
S[USER], AP-2, D2
unit of 10 (do not know if this is total or max)
Personnal guess: either the greater possessed model will be the new stand possessed model, or it will be an upgrade to the standard possessed unit, DG will probably get a FAQ to receive the update
Deamonkin (no more Daemon keyword ? Now distinct from Deamon engines)
Possessed take up two spaces in transports.


Has a staff that causes perils in combat with a psyker
Cast 2 deny 1
When casting, can cause d3 mortals to a friendly non daemonkin unit to gain +2 to cast
Enemy psykers suffer one additional wound if they peril within 12″
Deamonkin (no more Daemon keyword ? Now distinct from Deamon engines)

Malefic discipline:

1. +1 to wound

2. Bring back a daemonkin model

3.4+ inv to Daemonkin units and enemy’s take mortals if they charge

4. Beat the models toughness on d6 destroy it

5. 6’s to hit auto wound for a daemonkin unit

6. +1 str or toughness (or both if rolled high on test)

There is no longer a way to give characters a jump pack, only the daemon prince can still be equipped with wings.

MoE (elite slot):

Rerolls wounds v char
6″ heroic intervene
Hits of six does two mortals and the attack ends
Axe got worse Doesn’t reroll hits Doesn’t explode (does with legion)
Gains a wound and an attack

Dank Apostle:

all god specific prayers are entirely new
Now give 4++ via a prayer

Chaos Bikers:

M14, T5, WS/BS 3, 3A, 3W, Ld9, 3+

Noctilith Crown:
T8 14w
Lash has 8 shots and improved strength but degrades
Increasing aura of -1Ld every turn
4++ vs shooting
PRIEST & PSYKER within 9″ can perform an action.
Action: perform leadership test, if equal or below, gain 1 CP, can also replace 1 prayer or 1 spell

Generic WLT:
-for the puposes of CA ennemy units always count as if at half strength

There is a rule in the coming Codex: Chaos Daemon to allow to field Demons with a CSM detachment without losing the CSM super doctrine.

The combat patrol is Legionaries/Havocs/Helbrute/Dank apostle

All tanks are the same, and Land Raiders are «still bad «.

IW ectoplasma forgefiend can hit on 2+ and does flat 4 damage (damage buff is a WLT)

No new Deamon Engines

All «standard weapons», IE bolters, chainswords, lascannons, are the same profile as current.

Squad sizes:

Legionaires: 5-10
Terminators: 5-10
Havocs: 5
Obliterators: 1-3
Chosen: 5-10

units that have a native -1ld @6″ aura:

Daemon prince
Accursed cultists
Chaos spawn

Análisis del orden de descubrimiento de los Primarcas

Filtrada la nueva líder cadiana, Sentinel y Kasrkin del Astra Militarum