¡Perfil completo de Marines Rúbricas de los Mil Hijos!

Gracias a lo avispado que ha estado Will of Steel con su feedly de Warhammer Community, tenemos ya disponible un avance de lo que colgarán más tarde: ¡el perfil completo de Marines Rúbricas de los Mil Hijos!

A disfrutarlo…

Hay tanto que comentar que es imposible saber por dónde empezar.Vemos muchas armas, vemos poderes psíquicos, vemos que las unidades se construyen por bloques (de 5 en 5 miniaturas en este caso) y vemos mil cosas más. ¡Qué ganas de tener todo ya en nuestras manos!

Resumimos la información que nos darán:

  • Las reglas especiales universales desaparecen.
  • Todas las reglas de una unidad estarán en su hoja de datos, hasta las armas.
  • El rol de batalla está arriba a la izquierda. Los Rúbricas pueden ser línea en ejército de Mil Hijos, o élite en ejército de renegados o Legión Negra, a las órdenes de un hechicero.
  • El «nivel de poder» NO SON LOS PUNTOS COMPETITIVOS. Son una forma rápida de equilibrar partidas narrativas y partidas abiertas.
  • El perfil de unidad es como el de marines tácticos, pero más lentos.
  • Algunas reglas pertenecientes a facciones no vendrán detalladas en la hoja de datos, pero será la excepción.
  • Las palabras clave definen la posibilidad de ser afectado por bonos, poderes psíquicos o usar transportes dentro de una misma facción.
  • Hay palabras clave como «Infantería» que definen si se puede usar la cobertura a su máxima eficacia o no.
  • Mañana nos hablarán de los puntos y de los niveles de poder.

Currently, a lot of these rules will reference universal special rules, and you might need to do some digging to find a specific rule in the main rulebook, or just be really good at memorising a lot of rules.

Not for the new Warhammer 40,000 – universal special rules are out, and all the rules for a unit will appear on its datasheet – no more lugging a demi-library of books to every game night to ensure you have all the rules you need. Even the rules for weapons will be on there for the most common weapons the unit is likely to be equipped with. The best way to show you is with an example. We’ll be using the Rubric Marines Datasheet, as requested by Marco Tonino on our Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page.

Ok, lots going on in there, so let’s look at a few elements.

At the very top right, we have the Troop icon, which represents the unit’s battlefield role. There are actually two ways to use Rubric Marines, either as an Elite choice in a Chaos Space Marines force (maybe belonging to a sorcerer pledged to the Black Legion or a renegade warlord), or if your detachment is pure Thousand Sons, they can be Troops, much like today.

Next to that we have Power Level, which we’ll look at in detail tomorrow, but for the moment, suffice to say that it is a quick and easy mechanism for balancing in less competitive narrative or open play games.

Then we have the unit profile. You can see the Rubric Marine is, perhaps unsurprisingly, quite similar to a Tactical Marine we’ve seen already. These guys are a little slower than their non-dust brothers, whereas the Sorcerer leading the unit is faster and a more deadly close combat fighter with his extra attack.

Wargear options are listed next, along with stats for their weapons. Most units have all their weapons on their datasheet, though some with a lot of options (Space Marine Tactical Squads, for example) will list only the most common.

Next we have Abilities. Universal special rules are out, so any time a unit acts differently to what its stats might indicate, the rules for how will be in here. The bulk of these rules will be written in full, but there might occasionally be an army-wide, or very common rule for a given faction that isn’t, though these will always be in that same publication with page references, to make finding it easy.

After the special abilities and psychic powers are the keywords. There are two types of these.

The first, faction keywords, are what you use when selecting your detachments for a Battle-forged army, and often trigger in-game effects regarding what units gain benefits from certain Characters or can travel in specific Transports.

Other keywords are not involved in selecting an army, and usually have more general battlefield effects – for example, perhaps only Infantry can gain the full benefit of certain types of cover.

So, there are Datasheets and some juicy new Thousand Sons rules to speculate about.

We’ll be back tomorrow to look at points and power levels.

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